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Need a Buntline Holster

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I am not sure if this should be here or in the Saloon, but I'll start with it here for now.

Anyway, this is my Colt Buntline and its holster.




As you can see, it's very simple, left handed and crossdraw,  Pistol is a 12" Colt .44.

I now find myself in need of a right handed one, if not just like it, very similar.   Problem is, when I went to look up the people who made it for me, I found that they have gone out of business.  :(



Can anyone recommend someone who either carries something similar, or who can custom make one?  I've not been able find anything specific, and I thought I'd ask if anyone can make a recommendation.

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there are a number of leather folks here that can accommodate your need and a lot that can be recommended by others here so ill leave it to them , i need one as well , but im looking for the one you have for mine , that said im not asking for a price on yours more waiting to here what gets added here , i think down the road a couple months i may want to get something , 


depending on where you are there are a lot of local leather makers that do one offs to your need , i know of one in wisconsin ill ask to do mine , if your in this vicinty im sure he might consider your request , i suspect if your not you can find someone close to you in this group of people , 

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