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A Great Shoot in Mansfield, Mass

H. K. Uriah, SASS #74619

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Yesterday the Mansfield Marauder's put on a really great shoot.  Much praise to Leadslinger Lesky for writing some very creative and fun stages.  There was some good natured grousing about them being too complex, but when all was said and done, nobody really had any problems understanding what they needed to do once they got to the line.  Three stage featured a Texas Star, and EVERYONE was able to clear it as needed every time.  

I just had a wonderfully fun time, and I wanted to share that information.   I actually shot a rather mundane match, using my (original) Great Western revolver and an Uberti clone, both in .44 Magnum along with my first ever SASS rifle, a pre-safety Rossi 92 in the same caliber.  I've not used that rifle in a long time, and I just wanted too.   Yeah, no Big Iron, no Mare's Legs, no Lightning, no Buntline, just ordinary stuff.  Well, I did use the Terminator 2 87 for my shotgun, but that was the only unusual thing I had.  At least one pard did comment on how I didn't have anything strange to shoot.  :)

Anyway, after three stages, my Rossi suffered a problem, it jammed.  I could not close the action.  It's stuck open.   Things to wiggle around, so it's not frozen, but something is clearly not correct, so it will be visiting my gunsmith kinda soon.   :(


But I would like to thank a fellow who goes by Badass Bob who let me borrow his rifle to finish the match.   Like me, he was shooting .44 Magnum that day with a Marlin.  I have to say that I actually liked shooting the thing.   Being a southpaw, I figured that a Marlin would be a no go for me.   The closest I've ever come to shooting one was a Henry Big Boy, and it uncomfortably spewed hot gasses on my right wrist and I found the cartridges flying in front of my face to be annoying.   I am happy to say that I did NOT experience this with the Marlin.  I guess the ergonomics are just different enough so as for it to not be a problem.   Still don't know if I'll ever GET a Marlin, I remain a Lightning or Winchester guy, but I could tell that it was a nice gun.  I did not ask how old the gun was, and while I don't remember a safety, I didn't look for one either.  

Anywhoo...   Fun shoot, fun time, and oh yeah, I shot the match clean!   :)

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