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NY Gun Policy: an Ode to the Historic Racism & Bigotry of the Past

Charlie T Waite

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So let me see if I have this right. The DemonCrat leadership of New York has decided that based on a pair of laws that predated our Constitution, that denied certain persons of a particular faith and persons of a particular ethnic group their God given rights, those rights were then enumerated into the Constitution, and laws which denied those rights have been repeatedly struck down but now that the Supreme Court has upheld the common usage of those rights in regards to the Second Amendment the politicians have decided to reinstate racism, bigotry and denial of the Founding documents of this country in an attempt to control who should have firearms based on some "good moral grounds" interpretation?

At a minimum this is an abandonment of their oath of office showing how little regard they have for individual liberty, religious freedoms and racial bias. At worst it is a thinly veiled attempt to wipe our Constitutional guarantees from the pages of history and crush any who might oppose their socialist dreams.

Why would anyone of either party think that this is "leadership" in any way shape or form and not call it out as what it is, a fascist totalitarian power grab to control the people and their lives?

If we can't be bothered to stand against dictators like this then as a country we are doomed and those who will stand against this obvious takeover attempt are the last hope of freedom in the world. And those who stand idly by while saying "why doesn't somebody else do something?" share in the destruction of everything that America has ever stood for.


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The politicians and their lackies who espouse this screed should be tried, convicted, and imprisoned for “Hate Crimes”!


Denial of any citizen or citizens’ constitutional rights on the basis of religion or ethnicity is a hate crime!!

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