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Stoeger Coach Gun

Rillito Red

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Last of the guns I'm selling.


Brazilian Stoeger has been slicked up and the auto-safety disabled.  I got it used about 18 years ago.  Was a back-up gun, mostly with black powder.  20" barrels.  Fore stock split during a stage and was field glued back together (80 grain loads will do that).  Lots of gun cart and handling dings.  Not pretty, but functions fine.

$375 shipped.  












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Hey Rillito Red,

I hope all is well?

May I see a picture of the cap rake in the 51? Are the nipples after market or stock?


Tully Mars

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Hi Tully,

I really miss the Chabot shoots. 

It has the factory nipples.  I put some Treso nipples on it and the height isn't right.  If there is a cap under the hammer the gun locked up, so I put the originals back on.  They seem to work okay.

The cap rake is a 5/32 brass screw set in blue threadlock and filed to fit.  Haven't had a cap jam since.


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Rillito Red,

We all miss Chabot! Thank you for the picture. I'm tempted, but have plenty of C&B guns, including several as this one. The cap rakes work great!


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