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Crosman 400 Repeater Bolt Action

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I inherited three [3] rifles from my late father-in-law and forgot I even had them until Ann was cleaning out the closet. [This was about 4 years ago]
I have no real use for them and would like to sell them. Interested in knowing if any of them have any real value worth listing them for sale.
The third one is a Crosman 400 Repeater .22cal Bolt Action Pellet Rifle.
Pictures are below and if any additional information is needed to determine a price, just let me know.
Thanks in advance for your input.

















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All of your Firearms show a fair bit of Rust, this one being the worse.

$20 - 40 Canadian Dollars


But this one I would certainly pass on ...


Jabez Cowboy 

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11 minutes ago, Smuteye John SASS#24774 said:

Looks a LOT like my Crosman 180.  Does it take 1 or 2 CO2 canisters?


If you are looking to have it restored, I'll vouch for Rick at Precision Pellet.  He made mine better than new.

Takes just 1 CO canister.

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1 hour ago, Father Kit Cool Gun Garth said:

Takes just 1 CO canister.

Had to ask- they had some that used 2, some that use 1. 


My 180 looks just like it except it doesn't have the repeating mechanism.  Cock and charge it with a knob on the back of the action?  If it's got a hole in the knob, it's got an adjustable valve and you can adjust the power.  Line it up at about 9 o'clock and there would be a corresponding hole in the back of the 'action' that goes to the valve.


The trigger guard is aluminum.  Probably dates from the mid to late '60's or early '70's.  Before that, it was a simpler steel.

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