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now part of the 19% in our state and virus response then and now

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We have made it a point to mostly only go to places we usually haunt including vacation spots the entire time.  Sadly everyone complained they were bored with Tybee Island , GA and wanted to leave the state.  We did visit S.C. last year but their beaches have militant rules on myrtle beach anyway.  This year I priced several places and everything was triple what I usually pay so I told them to forget it.  Then the school had an auction and someone put up their condo in new smyrna beach , FL so we won it  .  An excellent beach, but off our beaten path .  The day after we came home, my wife had to go take a covid test as she has a procedure pending next week.  She had a runny nose and headache.  She took the test and it was negative.  


That night we were both in bad shape.  We both hurt all over like when you have the flu.  we could not really sleep good.  My fever ran so high I hallucinated.  We had severe headaches.  She had stomach issues, and a fever as well.  convinced it was not the china virus since she just had the test we dealt with it.  Friday was the same.  101 fevers for us both all day and night.  No position felt good, everywhere hurt.  I was so cold, that I was glad it was 100 outside.  I would go outside in long sleeves to get warm.  Saturday was more of the same though my fever FINALLY dropped below 100 for a short time.  I went ahead and called the dr .  


Back when the virus first started if I called the dr about a sickness they would literally tell me"we don't want to see sick people". If you thought you had the virus back then they met you outside to test you and everyone was masked like they were in outer space or something.  This time when I called I asked for a televisit and they said no, you need to come in for testing.  We walked in , sat down.  only one patient in the waiting room had a mask,  around here only blacks wear mask or elderly if they have sickness.  None of the staff was wearing a mask.  


They put us both in the room, an unmasked nurse took our vitals.  said we either had the virus or a different virus gong around.  both are similar.  We explained she just had the test with symptoms thursday.  The nurse said on the first day of symptoms you will test negative.  my wife said no test but I overruled and said we might as well.  It came back positive.  Only 18.9% of our state has tested positive but we are among them now.  An actual nurse came in and told us the news.  she was masked.  She said our kids are not likely to get it but limit their exposure to us.  They seem to like that idea.  ( sadly).  She also said keep them away from their grandma who was watching the little 2 at the time.  She said so long as they don't have symptoms they do not have to isolate.  It wasn't long ago if 1 person tested positive then everyone had to quarantine.  


They gave us 10 different pills to take.  lots of them are various vitamins, but some are antivirals.  Now I have stomach issues, likely from all the pills.  10 pills multiple times a day.  We seem better today.  Slept better, still have chills once in a while. minor fever if one at all.  We are able to move.  Congestion and runny nose and coughing are the primary symptoms now.  The nurse said this variant is mostly upper respiratory so should not go into the lungs, but likely will result in strep throat in a few days after we get better, as most come back with that after testing positive.  


She said we were the first unvaccinated to get it, all of the other patients had been vaccinated.  As we left, no one was masked , the waiting room was empty.  no one was scared of us , though they did say we dot have to pay and can leave.  

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Not trying to pick a fight or argue about the choice of being vax'd and unvax'd, but at my age (78) I took the shots and the booster.

It allowed us to visit my wife and a friend in LTC.

Big Red and I tested positive but whatever variant we had resulted only in a day in bed with mild flu or cold symptoms.

Just our experience.

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i don't mind at all.  to me each does as they see fit.  Just thought the statement from the dr office interesting, that children are not likely to get it from us and that we are the first unvaccinated to get this variant.  Tomorrow is day 5 and we can face the word again after that.  The way it looks we will be able to.  We were already on the mend before we went to the dr, but I figured we had something out of the ordinary to feel like we were and best find out  .  Personally I am glad we did not get the vaccine.  

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a new side effect that I am noticing is , usually on Sunday afternoon I take a hard nap.  Today I can not, not matter how hard I tried.  Much to my wife's dismay who still loves to nap everyday.  I usually wake up early on Sunday to study before church since I am the pastor.  Since someone else took my place today since I obviously can't go, I had planned on sleeping in to rest up better.  I woke up early.  Wide awake.  I usually make it a point to not disturb my wife when I get up early on Sunday until time for her to make breakfast for us all, this morning I woke her up just to talk.  Then I suggested she make chocolate waffles for everyone.  They were tasty.  Even though she lost her taste buds she was able to taste the chocolate chips in it.   I'm wide open.  I have a lot of energy.  maybe I needed the virus to come out of my funk.  

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