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WTB Chiappa 1887

Tyrel Cody

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Title says it, want to buy a Chiappa 1887 Lever Shotgun, not looking for any of the China made ones I already have a couple. Doesn't have to have the drop 2 already, but that would be nice.





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5 hours ago, Creek Johnson said:

Still looking?  Mine's not a Chiappa, but it is a Coyote Cap 6th Gen drop 2.


I'm always looking, but I already have 3 IACs(2 by Lassiter and 1 by Slater) and don't need another one; thanks though.

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4 minutes ago, Blue Wolf , SASS# 29424L said:

Tyrel, I called Lassiter the other day. Still no Chiappa 87s. I keep calling about every other month. Good luck finding one. 


Yeah, I talked to him recently too; he just said keep trying.  I kick myself for not keeping the one I had. Thankfully got a few IACs(one was Blue Boy's).



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