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Health Related Guns for Sale---All sold pending funds

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I have given information on the SASS Wire about what's going on. Here is a list of guns for sale. All prices include shipping, your FFL must accept from private party. Thanks you for any and all help. Don't be shy about making an offer, especially for more than one gun.


BSA wood stock, bolt action in 270, no scope but have scopes available----$600.00---SPF


BSA wood stock, bolt action in 30-06, w/factory muzzle break, Redfield 4x7-----$750.00---SPF


Parker-Hale, wood stock, bolt action in 243, scoped with a BSA 6x24-----$750.00---SPF


Herters wood stock, bolt action in 7mm mag. This is a complete Herters pkg, with Herters scope, base mounts & sling------$850.00---SPF


Stevens wood stock Mdl 311, 12ga, uncut bbls, tight lockup--------$400.00---SPF


And for the collector, a very nice L.C.Smith, Field Grade, 12ga, full length bbls, mfg 1928, very pristine. Case colors, and very sharp checkering.----$2000.00---SPF



There may or may not be more later. Thank you for your time and interest.


Capt Stephen D Hill (Chuck O'Brien)

Edited by Capt Stephen D Hill, SASS #56151
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