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Best Ever April Fools Joke

Dusty Devil Dale

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I've had a few good ones played on me, but this had to be the best I've heard.


In London, I think in the late 1950s sometime (unsure of timing), color television was just making its first appearance.  Needless to say, color equipment was extremely rare and expensive.   


On April 1st, a BBC news broadcaster announced a remarkable  discovery.   By pulling a nylon stocking down over your head and viewing through it, you could view color programming from a black and white TV.  He said at 7:00 PM that evening, there would be a special color/BW broadcast in which people could try the amazing technique.   

Their was a run on nylon stockings that day (no puns intended), and that evening, half of London was sitting in front of their television wearing a stocking over their head, only to see an April Fool sign broadcast on the screen.   


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