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I was watching the Guns & Ammo t.v. show, on the Outdoor channel, the other night, and I observed the two hosts critiquing an Uberti "Rooster Shooter" single action revolver, from Cimarron. 


They made two errors, that jumped out at me. 


First: they said the "Rooster Shooter" was named after the John Wayne character, Rooster Cogburn.

Nope...not true.

Mike Harvey, on youtube, did a segment on the Rooster Shooter, and said he named it after a friend of his, not the John Wayne character. Mike said the movie folks wanted to sue him, but he was able to show that he did not name the revolver after the True Grit character.  


Second: they stated that, back in the old west, the folks wanted a revolver and a rifle in the same caliber, and they said this "Rooster Shooter" would have fit the bill for that, back in the day.

Uuuhhh NOPE.

While it is true that a revolver/rifle caliber combo was popular, that never occurred in the .45 Colt caliber. The "Rooster Shooter" is in .45 Colt caliber.

You can have that combination today, in revolver, and rifle, and many do, but not back in the 19th century. It was in 1877 that Colt came out with their single action in .44 w.c.f., which matched one of the '73 Winchester's calibers.




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3 hours ago, Wallaby Jack, SASS #44062 said:

I am led to understand that Winchester were of the opinion that the .45Colt cartridge rim was too small to offer reliable extraction.





And the tapered 44-40 case fed more reliably than the straight-walled 45 Colt. 

As to the OP, that’s why I trust very little of what the YouTube “experts” put on their channels. 

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