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beretta stampede price check

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What would a fair price be for a pair of Beretta Stampedes in original boxes with booklet.

.357 with 51/2" barrels. No spring  work or tuning.

Shot for 5 seasons, but not abused. Some holster wear but around 90% to 95%.

Great starter revolvers or for young'uns.

True value website shows actual prices paid of $550 - $600 and Fjstead showed $350 average a piece.

Original price was $400 a piece.

Slight ring on one cylinder from hand, but returned to Beretta and they fixed it (still have paperwork).

Anyway, just curious before I take them to the Show Me Shoot Out next weekend.

Advice appreciated, Coyote Kid

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Beretta Stampedes were made by Uberti.  So look at high end Ubertis.  Some people will add a premium because it is a "Beretta" and others will deduct a bit because they have transfer bars.

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CK, a brand new shooter in my club has one .357 Stampede and is looking for a mate.  Feel free to send me a PM and let me know whether you would break up the pair and on pricing for a single revolver or both.

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Funny you should say that. We had a couple and their two children come to our club shoot Sunday to join the fun.

He said he was looking for a pair of .38's to get his wife started.

So, I quickly reduced the price and sold them to him to get his family involved.

It's nice to see a young family getting started in our game.

Coyote Kid


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