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Life in England was so horrible in the early 1700s people started drinking Gin which was cheap and readily available at that time to escape their miseries.  London became a sea of perpetual drunks.  In order to address this problem Parliment passed some stringent Gin laws in the 1730s.  It became illegal to buy less than two gallons of gin at a time.  The poor could not afford this.  The law required a seller violating the law to be identified and at that time the police could not enter a locked house.  So enterprising individuals installed a cat figure in a wall to shield the seller from view.  People would go up to the cat and say "Puss, do you have any gin."  If the cat mewed the patron would drop a coin in the cat's mouth and gin would be dispensed from a tube in the cat's paw.  These became known as "Puss and Mew" stores.


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