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The Lesson of Cuba: Never Give Up Your Guns...Ever

Charlie T Waite

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As we noted in a post earlier today, the media and politicians feign incredulity at Americans who pledge they will never give up their guns. They cite polls claiming a majority of Americans support outlawing AR-15s or other firearms. Surely no one could could reasonably oppose regulating these dangerous weapons of war.

And at the same time, Americans are seeing the news coming from 90 miles to our south. Cuba is what frequent TTAG contributor Luis Valdes — a descendent of Cuban refugees — calls an authoritarian hellscape, a despotic regime. A society where the people can only oppose the tyranny that enslaves them with rocks and sticks.

As Luis preaches from his own family’s experience, a disarmed people are slaves to the state. Lobby your local, state, and national government’s to preserve and protect your Second Amendment rights. Never give in to a false promise of security.


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Sacrificing liberty for security!! NO SIR!!  NOT HAPPENING!!

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