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WTC - two cocked revolvers, non gun-fighter

Chief Rick

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Revolvers are first guns on the stage.


For whatever reason (brain fart, etc), the shooter (non gunfighter or B-Western) draws and cocks both revolvers but does not fire a round.


Can the shooter, with and under TO/RO guidance, restage with hammer down on empty chambers and restart the stage?

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No firearm may be de-cocked on the firing line to avoid a penalty if cocked at the wrong time, position or location once a round has gone downrange. Once a revolver is cocked, the round must be expended (shot). However, if a round has not gone downrange, and under the direction and supervision of the CRO/TO, the revolver may be de-cocked. This requires a positive indication/acknowledgement from the TO for the shooter to do so.

SHB p.14



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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