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Philosophical question regarding State Championship Matches

Phantom, SASS #54973

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2 hours ago, The Rainmaker, SASS #11631 said:

Indeed! We are in real danger of losing our range. Long story and lots involved, but folks that have a solid place to keep up their CAS activities, should be very thankful... especially these days.

And figure out how to all get along...


Some think that it's no skin off their teeth if a club down the road that they don't shoot at folds...until their club folds and they wish that other club was still around.



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for what its worth , i do attend one state match that floats year to year among three clubs , there is no reason that this could not work between cooperating clubs , it offers a chance to shoot more than one club to those that only do a state match in any given state , 


ive also shot the same club in off years and found that to be every bit the shoot of when its their year to host , 

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