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Uberti Model 66 (.22LR) Smiths in Central Arizona?


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I am tired of messing with this rifle. The lifter doesn't line up some times and the bullet doesn't want to feed properly most of the time. And after having it apart 30 times, now the hammer doesn't want to stay back most of the time. Are there any experienced Model 66 smiths near Prescott, AZ?

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Johnny Meadows down in Tucson

Jim Bowie in Mohave Valley

Squibber in Casa Grande

Pleasant Valley Kid, out of a shop in Mesa

Ken Griner (El Mulo Vaquero) outside Farmington NM


Shotgun Boogie might have time to take a look - email him        info@sbgwllc.com. 

I must confess, I don't know where he hangs his hat when it's not on the wall of his trailer workshop.


Given that the 66 is so very close in operation to the 1873, the gunsmiths are "interchangeable" between those 2 guns.


good luck with it!  GJ

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