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US Revolver 32 Break Top -- Any Experts Out There In SASSland?

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I bought a broken US Revolver in .32 S&W two years ago and after much procrastination I decided to replace the faulty trigger reset spring. Despite my best efforts I can't get the trigger to reset. In the process I thought maybe the trigger was just too gritty to allow the spring to work properly... so I removed it and wasn't fast enough to document how the sear spring went.

1. How does the sear spring fit into the assembly - See photo. It doesn't seem right as installed.

2. How do I get the reset to work properly? I found one bit of information that said the screw that goes through the frame into the trigger guard sets the spring pressure. I assumed more pressure is better but maybe I'm wrong. I can't check until I get the sear spring thing figured out.


I have watched every Youtube video I could find and they either don't go that deep into the pistil assembly process, bleep over that part of the process, or cover a different style of trigger assembly.



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