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These folks are NOT using semi auto pistols and 10/22 rifles.   How EXACTLY is someone using a 22 caliber firearm that, for all intents and purposes, looks the same as the guns you're using

Like what?  Exactly?   I do so tire of "this will cause the sky to fall" doom and gloom anytime a change is proposed.   Especially when there is no reason expressed of "WHY" a chan

FYI: WR 2017 TG Meeting minutes

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On 2/22/2021 at 6:10 PM, Woody Shootem, SASS # 24816 said:


With all due respect, if this shortage lasts long enough that people start slicking up and short-stroking .22's to the point where they can be competitive with .38's, and you start seeing .22 shooters in the winner's circle, I imagine we will start to hear complaints.

You might have heard complaints back in the day with people shooting short stroked guns, under powered .38’s and even getting “sponsored” but it didn’t seem to get very far. The game is supposed to be fun, there is a small minority of the shooters who are competitive, the rest participate for the chance to shoot cowboy guns, dress up and socialize. So if we want this game to continue more changes and acceptance of .22 ammo and firearms may be in order!  Who know maybe by summer we all won’t get pushed around with the virus restrictions and both gun and ammo prices will come down to reasonable levels. But as someone just mentioned, spending at least 2,000 - 2,500 to start is a hard nut to crack given the current state of the economy!  Change the rules, change the categories do whatever it takes for current members to shoot and new members to join. I have the equipment to shoot ,22 but will shoot .44 specials and .44-40 because I like it but then can I afford to shoot $200 worth of ammo on a monthly basis, don’t think so!  Think about it guys and gals. The size of the shoots will keep dwindling!

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