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Oddball cartridge reloaders??

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Was looking on youtube for some info on the Pronsness Warren  metallic reloaders and this seems to be a somewhat unpopular brand with few users posting any information, unusual for Youtube.  They have only two models available but they seem to have been offering them for a spell feed back is sorely lacking, anyone here ever had any experience with them?  They seem to offer one for rifle cartridges and the other is aimed at primarily pistol reloaders while both machines seem to be semi automatic at most.  It looks to me like both are actually more suited to just offering space for holding your extra dies at best but what the heck it might be worth the try??  

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I have a P200 and a Metalic 2. 

Ive had them since the late 70's or early 80's 

Both work very well with few problems . I keep them set up with calibers,I don't use,a lot and they work fine .

The only problem is they are slow compared to the Dillon style loaders we all seem to be using now. 

When they were new they were,a vast improvement to a single stage press

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Ponsness Warren.  Great shotshell loaders, but expensive.

I would not be interested in their cartridge loaders, when there are Dillons or Hornadys out there.


good luck, GJ


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