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Inyo County vs. Los Angeles

Subdeacon Joe

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To those of you who say things like "Facebook is a waste of time" I advise you to not scroll down.

Another Facebook find:


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    John Walton wrote a book on the Pinkerton Detectives and when he did his program for the Owens Valley Committee Fundraiser a couple of years ago, he spoke about this incident and the hiring of the Pinkerton Detectives. Interesting! He may have dates in his book.
  • This is when the City of Los Angeles used hired security (Pinkertons?) to stop traffic on a Owens Valley public road in violation of the law. It lasted a short time I believe, but a date should be found in William Karhl's 'Water and Power'.












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Los Angeles and Inyo County have a history dating back over 100 years. Most of LA's water comes from there. Water rights bought up (by whatever means) and brought down to LA. Pretty sad history lesson!

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