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WTB pre 1900 1873 44-40 shooter

Dallas McPewPew

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I am on the hunt for an old (preferably pre 1900) Winchester 1873 in 44-40. Appearance/collector grading is completely unimportant, in fact I would rather have one that's a little beat up or worn. Minor pitting okay, as long as rifling and action are good. I'm looking for an old gun that was there back then to actively shoot (bp cartridge), and hold a little piece of history in my own two biscuit grabbers. There was a perfect one on here a couple months ago for 1500.00, and I just didn't have the loot at the time. I've got my ducks in a row on money, but again, not looking for a $2000-3000k collector piece, I'd even consider one that needed some work as long as it was repairable. If anyone has something like this they'd let go to a good home, let me know. Thanks y'all,



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