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Winchester 1897 question

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I bought a Winchester 1897 (takedown, made in 1900).  It is missing the trigger spring.  I have ordered a new one, but I am having a hard time finding any information on how to install it. I have disassembled the shotgun and looked in the area the parts diagram *suggests* it goes, but there is no hole or nib to put it on/in.  I have scoured google and youtube and can't find any information on how it is installed.  Usually, this is because it's so obvious no one thinks to include it but I can't figure this out.


Since this was suggest on other forums:  I have looked at Marauders website and he mentions the trigger sprint in Step 10 but that's it, not more information.


Someone told me if anyone would know it was you guys.  So, don't let them, or me down!




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See the Radocy guide - a good on-line copy is at:




See location of where to install the spring in attached marked up picture.



win 97 trigger spring location.jpg

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Remove the trigger guard as described in numbers 7-9-10. You will see the hole for the spring, may still be some in there. You will need to make a slave pin for reassembly, a nail about the diameter of the trigger pin cut to length so that it will go through the  trigger guard but not stick out the sides. Be careful not to bend the spring, only compressing it.  You can now put the trigger guard back in the receiver. Line up the hole, put in the trigger pin and drive the slave pin out.

Hope this helps,.


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Here's what the slave pin will look like (doesn't have to be pointed, but a shaped or rounded end helps it to be pushed it out).


97 trigger slave pin sm.jpg

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