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Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329


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I have for sale some of my dad’s older casting stuff.

I am selling it as a “kit” for revolver shooters who want to start casting.

Included are these items:

Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook, 3rd edition -- 1980

2 pots for melting/pouring molten lead

LEE 90343 mold -- 429-255-SWC

LEE 90320 mold -- 358-150-SWC

LEE 90332 mold -- 410-240-SWC

LEE 401-175-TC mold

Please pardon the dirt & debris from storage in the barn -- it all wipes off


$80 shipped vial USPS Medium Flat Rate Box

Thanks for looking


cast DSC_0012.jpg

401 DSC_0029.jpg

401 DSC_0030.jpg

90320 DSC_0025.jpg

90320 DSC_0026.jpg

90332 DSC_0023.jpg

90332 DSC_0024.jpg

90343 DSC_0027.jpg

90343 DSC_0028.jpg

pot DSC_0022.jpg

pour pot DSC_0018.jpg

pour pot DSC_0019.jpg

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