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Sons first shotgun match

Trigger Mike

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my 16 year old had the first match for the year for the school shotgun team.   He used the Hatfield over/under for most of it.   He used my winchester semiauto for the skeet and trap portion.


He determined which ammo he preferred once the match was over.  He also realized that 28 inched barrels are not long enough and wants 32 inched barrels.   


He had a good time and the Hatfield held up fine.  Only one round failed to fire.   The primer was depressed so it could have been a bad round.  The Hatfield squeaks now upon opening the action.   I'm not sure it can make several more matches plus weekly practices.   


I told him that if I'd known he liked shooting all day I would take him to a cowboy match where it is more fun.

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