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Rex M Rugers #6621

Hornady Pro-Jector reloading set-up , for sale

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Pards , I have for your perusal this old Hornady progressive press , taking up room in my little shop. It is the Pro-Jector model , which was the forerunner of the LNL models they have now. It will come with 5 shellplates , large and small primer tubes and seater arms , an RCBS Uni-flow powder measure. All the stuff in the pictures.

The shellplates are: #01 , fits 45 ACP , 308 , etc.

                                     #06 , fits 357/38 spec.

                                     #16 , fits 223 , etc.

                                     # 30 , fits 44 mag , 44 spec.

                                     # 32 , fits 45 Colt

I took the pictures about a year ago , it has been packed since shortly after that ; I moved from Texas to Utah , and it is still in the box.

Time for a new home.  Asking 270.00 , shipping included. Shipping is about 70.00.

Edit 1/25/2020. This is a good , solid press , but I have two others (Dillon) and a RCBS Rockchucker , so this one doesn't get used any more. It is just taking up room.

I am willing to entertain any reasonable offers. Some special consideration to a reloading newbie trying to get started.

I checked out shipping cost for a pard a while back , and it was right at 70.00 to his zip (USPS) , UPS quoted me 140.00.

Box weighs 29 lbs.

Thanks for looking, Rex :D






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Cheapest shipping to 44118?



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I will take it down to the post office tomorrow and have them check it out , Prairie Dawg.

If postage is crazy , I will check out UPS. 

Thanks for asking ,

Rex :D


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