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Sedalia Dave

Grassroots Effort to Repeal Controversial Gun Control Initiative 1639

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Washington State Voters Organize Grassroots Effort to Repeal Controversial Gun Control Initiative 1639



Gun owners are fighting back by starting a petition drive to get another initiative on the 2020 ballot, called I-1094, which would repeal I-1639.

“Democrats billed 1639 as a way of keeping schools safe," John Valle, I-1094's sponsor, told Townhall. "People didn’t read it."

Once the initiative was passed and people learned what was actually in the new law, people were furious. They realized what was passed wasn't about keeping schools and children safe.

"They felt duped," Valle said. "The number one thing I heard when 1639 passed was they [voters] didn't know all the stuff that was in it."



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It's a shame that people are willing to go to the polls without an understanding of what and who they vote for or against!!  I say "vote against" because it is important to vote against evil things and evil people!!  


Don't get me wrong, most low level politicians are not actually evil.  Incompetent, ignorant, not intelligent enough to protect their constituents??  YES!!!  They have no ill will against their citizens, but they are too stupid or too self centered to realize that those who run their party are evil and so they just go along so that they can garner enough outside support to facilitate their re-election!!


This allows bad, and yes, evil legislation to be introduced and often passed when that legislation is actually detrimental to the very people who voted for the people that support that bill!!  The voter, assuming that THEIR representative would NEVER support something that is hurtful or evil, votes for this bad legislation because they figure if the media, (which has become more evil than the politicians they "report" on) and their incompetent representative say that they should, then that's what they should do without ever questioning the actual content of said bill!!  When they discover that they have been duped, it's too late and their path to removing bad law is made much more difficult by the mechanisms placed in the process for recall or repeal!!

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