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A Moment of Startling Clarity!!

Blackwater 53393

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I've been extremely ill for the last several days.  Schoolmarm says that at times I've been a little incoherent.  I won't argue the point, but from a fevered mind often springs a thought so clear that you wonder why it wasn't there in plain sight all along!!  Such a thought crossed my mind this morning.  It was early,  about 2:30, so I let it marinate in it's own juices, perhaps the antibiotics flavoring it a bit.


What if, in response to the passage of these "Red Flag" laws, we as individuals go before some sympathetic magistrate/judge and ask for these "Emergency Protective Orders" against the politicians at every level who have proposed, supported, and voted in these onerous pieces of legislation???  Not only would we be within our rights to do so, but quite possibly we might deprive THEM of their armed "security details"!!  After all, those security people are armed, and in the case of people like Bloomberg and others of his ilk, they are employees and therefore subject to his every whim!!  Perhaps the case could/should be made!!


According to what I'm seeing, you don't have to fear for your own safety. You simply have to be concerned for the safety of the public or any individual or group!!  Let's serve papers on DiFi!!  We KNOW she owns a gun. She has made it clear that she has a permit and that she carries!  At her advanced age she could easily succumb to dementia and go off in a paranoiac rage!!  Let's have the authorities serve her with that warrant and let HER go through the process that she so easily would have us endure!


Just a thought!



I'm getting better!! 

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Glad you’re getting better.


I have a feeling the “elites”  have a way around that. Oh, I know, they are better than us. Just ask them.


When I was working in Charlotte, NC we had an event at work that attracted attention roaches by the dozen (politicians). One of the employees (a snowflake before snowflake was cool :blink:) expressed concerns about armed security and the carrying of guns and how he was against that. One of our esteemed safety and security knowitalls spewed several regulations mandating that security details for “congress persons” (if you say it with a lisp it’s even more annoying) are exempt from any and all requests or requirements that they be disarmed.


Elites are better than us...so they think. 

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I thought of that too, but just because we can't prevent their "security details" from being armed doesn't preclude going after the individual!!  Just getting a foot in the door to THEIR kitchen might be a great way to start fighting back!!  And private individuals like Bloomberg and Giffords who don't hold and aren't actively seeking office often don't fall under the same umbrella!!

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