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Rancho Roy

Attending Winter Range and want to shoot Clays?

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If you are attending WR and would like to shoot some TRAP, SKEET, SPORTING CLAY, Five Stand or Wobble Trap.....


Here's how to do it:

Go to the CTC (Clay Target Center) which is located on the far side of Ben Avery.

Go to the registration building.

Tell them you want to shoot XYZ type of clays.
If you need a gun or shells, they will rent you a gun and sell you shells. You must buy their shells to use the rental gun.
Watch a 2 minute safety video

Fill out a release form and answer 6 questions from the video...Easy questions
Pay your $$, leave your drivers lic and receive a magnetic card to activate the machines. ($6 for a round of trap, a few pennies more for sporting clays)
A range officer will meet you at a particular field, depending on what you want to shoot
She/He will show you how to turn on the machine, call for targets and be sure you understand the safety rules.
Have at it!

If you are shooting alone, I would bet someone approaches you to come shoot with them.

Extremely friendly, helpful folks I ran into. Both employees and participants.

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Rancho Roy couldn't be more right. I've been shooting trap, skeet, and sporting clays there for a number of years. Not only do they have an outstanding facility, but their employees set the standard for public service. These employees of the Arizona Department of Game and Fish are the best.


And be sure to shoot the Cowboy Clay side matches Wednesday. I will see you there.

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