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SOLD: Non-CAS USM8A1 Bayonet


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Ok, I don't know why I have this or when I came by it.  I don't know anything about these, when it's from, or whatever...

It's never been used, never resharpened.  There are marks from pulling it out of the sheath, but that's it.

The only markings on it are what's in the pictures.


1.JPG.c6bcdad9072b91ebf6aa9d7ecc35c6fa.JPG  2.JPG.44f82cdd8bdd96f525d6f355262f68b8.JPG  3.JPG.1b07ba21fd1160e25554ac9059099cd5.JPG  4.JPG.601e5e47828d8d7da938c5d57e445dfc.JPG


35.00 includes USPS Shipping  SOLD








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