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32 colt long brass


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I make .32 colt from .32 S&W. 

Buy a .32 colt die set since you'll need them  anyway to reload your shells even if you've got them cut for rimfire W/ a .22 blank.

Resize the S&W (use tiny bit of lube), then mount them on a dowel and turn them with a drill using a file to cut the web of the case down to match the rest of the case wall.  Depending on the gun you might have to trim a little off the rim to fit.  

I have some .32 Colt shorts that I no longer use much if you want a couple to get the specs from.  I'm keeping them to convert to .32 short RF or .30 short RF if I happen to succumb to the weakness and buy a gun that won't shoot longs.  I like the little Marlins.

Once in a great while Buffalo Arms sells cases made like this for .32 Colt centerfire.  But if you're going to modify them to RF it's a BUNCH cheaper to do them yourself.

Leads to a lot less cussing when you mess one up. 

.32 chambered.jpg

.32 .jpg

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On 1/25/2019 at 9:24 PM, kidrick said:

Any one have some out there ! Siskidrick@gmail .com 20 ea. would help need to shoot the 32 Rf drill out 32 colt for 22 short primer.

I think there is a couple dozen up at the gun shop by me, I'm walking out the door now to go look... I'll pm you when I get back

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