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Dakota Steele SASS# 34757

SOLD Stoger Uberti Competition 73-- 20"-- in 45 FS Lower Price!!

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For Sale:

A Uberti Model 2045 W73 Competition Rifle  20"  in .45 Colt

This one is from Stoeger

It was New in the box when I got it from another shooter who said he special ordered it but never got to shoot a match

I put a few rounds thru it to make sure it functions

I cant find much info on the exact model or exactly what makes it a competition model. Uberti web site isn't much help ( if you know about these rifles please feel free to let us know)

I do know that it was worked up at the factory, has a stroke that matches my Cody rifle but is longer than my C&I rifle.

It has a straight stock that is flat like a shotgun and not curved like a rifle

It has a brass bead front site

Octagonal Barrel

and has beautiful Case Color

1050.00 shipped to your FFL

Thanks Dakota

First Ill take it here gets it as always












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Looks like it has a Ladies/Youth rear stock

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I'll post a few picture of another 73 straight stock next to this one. I know I have a Jimmy Spurs that the stock is cut flat and a little shorter. 

If that's the case your right may be great for a Lady or a Junior.




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I have one of these.  Its a shotgun style butt stock with pad instead of the crescent, but it is not a shortened stock. It also has a short stroke as shown straight from the factory but the rest of the internals are the same, so new lifter spring, hammer spring, and safety spring are all handy. Its probably one of the best values in 73's as you can drop a new set of a springs in for fairly little and have a short stroked rifle thats very slick for relatively cheap.

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