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  1. For Sale Jimmy Spurs Rifle never been shot in a match Taylors 1/2 Round 1/2 Octagonal Special Sport 18 inch Barrel .357 Mag Straight Stock Crescent Butt Plate Palo Verde Lever wrap also the best of the best basically as new just a few safe marks Will ship in original box from Jimmy Ill also throw in a copy of the Invoice so you know its the real deal 2050.00 Shipped to your FFL or 2000.00 FTF here in Baton Rouge or the surrounding areas. First I'll take it gets it Thanks Dakota Someone needs to love this rife and not be hidden in my safe.
  2. I'll take the wilson plastic mags Thanks Dakota PM me with the info
  3. for sale Phillips and Rogers Inc Stainless Conversion Cylinders .45 Colt to .45 ACP For New Model Blackhawks I do not know anything about these I bought them off the wire. I do know who I bought them from and maybe they could answer any questions. I do know they will not fit vaqueros. 275.00 shipped Thank you
  4. Looking for 2 judges Blued frame and polymer Please PM me with any info on what you may have for sale. Thank you Dakota
  5. Ill take it Please email with the info for payment Thanks Dakota
  6. bought these off the wire a few years back and been in the safe ever since Old Model Vaqueros ( the ones built like a tank) 4 5/8 Slim Gunfighter Grips Jimmy Spurs action job Jeweled Triggers and Hammers Very Smooth as they should be Stainless Please pm with any questions First I’ll take it here gets it 1600.00 shipped to your FFL Thank You Dakota
  7. Got this rifle from Boomstick Jay He said Lassiter did the work Im not a Marlin guy To make this rifle function correctly you will have to load your .38s very short . Something about how they have to short stroke them. Very smooth Runs right 1500.00 shipped to your FFL please ask any questions First I’ll take it here gets it Thank you Dakota
  8. I been looking for a solid frame I’ll take it please PM me where to send the payment
  9. What is the normal length of time people are having to wait for their package to arrive. Ordered mine on May second and its still haven't arrived? Thanks Dakota
  10. That is one detailed link!! Lots of info
  11. Ill take the 44-40 set Im in Baton Rouge let me know whats the shipping Thanks Dakota
  12. The Octagon Barrel ROA's still look great. No problems with the coating. I have a set of 5.5 Stainless ROA's that Boomstick pimped out for me so they are now my backups. So Im curious about the bisley ROA's. Can you just swap grip frames? I have a 7.5 set of stainless ROAs and a set of old model bisley 45 vaqueros can they swap? Thanks Dakota
  13. We shot a few years ago and we stayed at the Hilton Gardens Uptown because they had a special rate for the EoT shooters. Will you be doing this again with this hotel? It was very nice and easy to get to from the range. Dakota
  14. I posted these on another thread and got a few PM's so to make it fair first I'll take them here gets them 4 5/8 Case Hardend As far as I know on work done to them Will ship in black plastic case. No grey boxes or paperwork Some holster wear and scratches I can't do pictures from my IPad but I can from my phone if need be. 1250.00 shipped to your FFL
  15. I have a set of Vaqueros 4 5/8 Case Color Hardened Seem to be stock with a little holster wear and tear Shipped in a black plastic case for 1250 shipped to you FFL PM Me with an email and Ill shoot you a picture Dakota
  16. Starting to do my homework on MP-40s Anyone got one that could give me some Info? Recent prices? Know of any for sale? Love it or Hate it? Thanks Dakota If this is the wrong forum please let me know
  17. I just called Taylors to double double check and they said yes it will hold 10 rounds
  18. For sale 1250.00 Shipped to your FFL Taylor's 1873 18 Inch Half Round Half Octagon Deluxe Pistol Grip Model 2024 44-40 New in the Box Unfired No Work Done Took almost a year to get after we ordered it [/url]">http:// [/url]">http:// [/url]">http:// [/url]">http:// 1250.00 Shipped to your FFL First I'll take it here gets it Thanks
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