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American Eagle Synthetic rounds

Trigger Mike

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Brownells sells American Eagle Synthetic rounds designed flat for hitting metal targets.  It got me to thinking, how would they perform inside a house if they hit a wall etc?  Since they are not metal, if they hit a piece of furniture I assume the ricochet would be less .  Would they penetrate sheetrock as much?  How are they on live targets?  A 45 ACP is 220 grains , how much knockdown would they have?  

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12 minutes ago, Trigger Mike said:

Since they are not metal, 

I think you need to read it again.




It's not SYNTHETIC AMMUNITION, it's synthetic JACKETED ammunition.


Instead of being a COPPER JACKETED lead bullet, it's a PLASTIC JACKETED lead bullet.


They'll blow holes in your furniture, in the sheetrock, and in the bad guys, just like regular bullets.

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