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Anti-gun Senator Distorts the Law and the Facts in Unsuccessful Attack on Supreme Court Nominee

Charlie T Waite

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Of course she distorts the facts!!  When the truth doesn’t support the agenda you have and promote, the only choices you have are to accept what is right and admit that you are wrong, or you LIE!!


Dogmatic adherence to a policy that is wrong requires that she lie and obfuscate and in many cases, that she fabricate what can only be viewed as an alternate reality!!

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All part of the plan.  Change the language,  move the goalposts, preach that that is where the goalposts have always been.  


That is why I don't like the term "gun rights. "  The 2nd protects civil rights,  the Same way all the rest of the Bill of Rights does.   None are more or less important than the others. 



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