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A big shout out!!


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A heartfelt Thank You to all the volunteer Carpenters, Painters, Grass Cutters, Waddies, Stage Writers, Berm Marshals, Steel Wranglers, Match Directors, Safety Marshals, Gravel Spreaders. Prop Totters, and countless others who give of themselves to put on matches, set-up, tear-down, put away, clean up, settle disputes, time, spot, supervise the loading and unloading tables. dispense wisdom, herd cats, make match booklets, match people in posses, take abuse, haul water, haul garbage, haul ass, advertise, plan banquets, wrangle awards, pray, cajole, and move mountains to put on the matches, large and small, monthly, annually, State and Regional, National and International... who forgive runaway run-on sentences... whew!  And more that I haven't thought about or mentioned.


Thank You!!

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