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Anybody stay at the Route 66 RV Park for EOT. What was your experience and how close is it? If you have a comment, please do it by PM. :)




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Rt 66 is the closest RV park to FR.  I have not stayed there but did drive through to check it out.  I was unimpressed.  There are long-term residents with junk piled beside their trailers.  The place looks like a gravel pit.  You are close enough to I-40 that you will hear truck traffic.  However, some shooters from EOT have stayed there and did not complain.


I have stayed at Hidden Valley and found it satisfactory.  SASS negotiated a $125/week rate for EOT.  While Hidden Valley is also close to I-40, a low hill between the freeway and the RV park blocks much noise.  HV has a decent swimming pool.  I recommend HV unless you have a very long rig and cannot negotiate a tight turn climbing the hill into the park.

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