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Excerpt from a 1990 Cowboy Chronicle


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Seems like it might of been right out of the current SASS Wire... In this article they were discussing the the 1990 Durango Junction High Country Shootout:


"Match operations on Saturday were really super - and reflected SASS precepts all the way...

The SASS rules were invoked - period.  There were no exceptions, extensions or modifications.  The stage designs all featured "up close and personal" targets.

Most of the targets were of "generous size" and the ones which were unavoidably small were placed "right up front" where they were virtually impossible to miss.

(Ha!  I've also got a bridge or two I'd like to talk to you about!)

As the stages were explained, the "Spirit of the Game" was continually stressed.  When there were questions about what was intended, the shooting situation

was re-explained along with the reiteration of shooting within the spirit of the game.  It was very clear that the match organizers were definitely trying to 

discourage any "gamesmanship" among the competitors."


It seems like the "big and close",  "generous size" targets has been discussed just this past week, with some folks saying they were tired of it and wished it would go back to "how it used to be"

Looks like big and close is not a new idea.  Maybe, it's what folks enjoy!  As for doing it by the rules, and "gamesmanship"... weren't there posts on here just last week about that?


Maybe there is "nothing new under the sun" 

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Of course "up close and personal" targets" in 1990 were at 10 -15 yards (pistol) and 20-30 yards (rifle)


Pat (what's kidding) Riot

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