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Se finally defended me again

Trigger Mike

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Over the past few years i have mentioned how my wife went behind my back to a lot of people and fused a lot of damage.  Every couple of weeks we have a day of anger.  Last week someone decided to stir up trouble, not sure why and she got someone mad at me.  She called crying she was broke and her brother was dying and needed money to stay at a hotel where he lived 2 states away so i told her we would help a little(we had her daughter meet us and we gave 200) then she said her brother did not have life insurance and it was up to her to pay for it and i said no.  she got mad that i did not give her all she wanted so she got a male friend to come get mad at me and she gave us back the money to which i said "good, i get my money back".  My wife heard about it and saw him last night and they had a yelling match.  She explained that the amount was her idea.  she explained we had discussed it and kept trying to figure out why he was mad.  I have not seen her defend me in a very long time and as a matter of fact she used to say "how many times do i have to defend you?"  and "why do I have to defend you"  as if there was a limit.  Not that i hide behind her but i like it when we are on the same side and fighting together and not apart.  I had already said the same but he did not believe me.  I'm just glad we are together again on an issue.

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