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Hill & Mac Gunworks anybody heard of them?

Trigger Mike

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is  a link to a Hill & Mac Gunworks Sturmgewehr in 5.56 but I never heard of that company and have only seen these in 22 s I was wondering how they are

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They are not available yet, still fine tuning the molds for the magazines.  They plan to start shipping when the magazines are done.


There are four calibers; 5.56x45, .300 Blackout, 7.62x39, and 7.92x33 (8mm Kurtz).  Conversion kits will be available.


You can check them out on facebook or their website:  https://www.hmgunworks.com/


I prepaid for one just about two years ago.  They have had some setbacks, but they are making sure when they are shipped they will work, no public beta-testing or Ruger/Remington style recalls.

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