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Curt Haugann

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Hi Curt,


There are three ways to initiate a PM.

  1. One is to click on the person's avatar.
  2. Another is to go to the Search box at the top right of any page, Change the selected search area to Members. Type in what you think is the person's forum name. This can be hit or miss unless you know how it is spelled.
  3. Another is to select the little envelope at the top right of a page, next to your name. Then click on the Compose New button. Type in the name as in No. 2.

Clicking on the avatar is the easiest, if you can find one of their posts. The other two may provide a list of potential recipients. For example, if you type Curt, you will get a list. Select the correct recipient by clicking their name. Once you have their profile on display. Click the  little envelope with the word "message."


If you need more information after that, please post again..





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PMs can be your friend

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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