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2018 Nebraska State Championship


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Dang!  What a weekend this ended up being.  A terrible snow/ice storm rolled in Friday night into Saturday, and sadly the main match for Saturday was cancelled.  But we still got together for the Banquet dinner that night and I for one had a great time!  


The folks at the Heartland Shooting Park worked hard on getting rid of the ice and snow on the range and come Sunday we got to shoot five stages!  It wasn't easy at 25ish degrees with a 25 mph wind... but 57 of us stuck it out to shoot!  My hat is off to all you foks that toughed it out and shot!


Ole Stirrup Trouble did a bang up job working around the weather and did the best he could to deal with all the pressure that came with it.  Well done Buddy!  


It was great to see some old friends at this match, can't wait to shoot with you all again down the trail!  Till then fellas, keep that powder dry!


Major Art Tillery

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