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Who can tell me something about the coverage at the founders ranch with different American providers?

I’m planning to take a 4g Hotspot (Databundels on my Dutch Phone aren’t exactly cheap) and want to buy an American prepaid Data simcard for it

and I’m looking for which provider to take

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58 minutes ago, Happy Jack, SASS #20451 said:

The only provider with somewhat reasonable coverage at the Ranch is VERIZON.  It can be poor but all the other providers are hopeless.

Verizon does work on the ranch.  If you are staying in an RV, camp as high as possible in the campground for signal strength improves as you climb the hill.  You can get a strong signal by driving to the intersection of Juan Tomas Road and New Mexico State Road 217.  That is where I call my wife after shooting at Founders Ranch.

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