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something positive about a doctor

Trigger Mike

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a friend in his 70s referred me to his doctor when i moved to town and overall i have been pleased.  I was impressed when my wife was having a serious sick episode and went to the emergency room and he was there for another patient and when i shouted out to him he came over and helped.  I was even more impressed last night.  the same friend that referred me to this doctor had a TIA or mild stroke right as church was over last night.  his wife drove him to the hospital at 7pm.  They immediately took him for CT scan and other items and made sure he was alright.  his TIA cleared up right away but they admitted him anyway for observation.  was he is getting settled in his room the nurse calls the doctor as his other arm starts tingling and his speech got slurred again and his face drooped.  the doctor appears in less than 30 minutes, stays and observes etc for 30 minutes and goes over his chart etc with the nurses.  then at 5 am, they drew blood and his heart rate dropped so this doctor who left after 11pm is back at 5 am to see his patient.  He sees the family and reassures them he will be alright.  The nurse then tells me along with his 7 day a week practice and allergy clinic that he runs he also helps the local hospice, as well as to other places in town in need f a doctor and yet had time to come to the hospital to see my friend.  

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