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Sassy Boots got new rig

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Thanks to Aunt Dunit and Doc Noper Sassy has her own new leather. Doc Noper's "race ready" shotgun belt was so slick I decided that I better just get me one ordered....of course I did not need the lip stick holder. I really like the single elastic loops but with slight gap between every two loops. Elastic is slick but with good grip on each shell. The elastic allows flexibility if the pull is more forward than just straight up per my leather styles and the gap between seem ideal when going to chambers.


Hope the pic does the two rigs justice.






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A beautiful rig for an even more beautiful woman!

Yea....and lucky one too. ha.

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My friend, you are the lucky one!

That, Buddy, I do know. Twice Blessed in that respect.

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Woo Hoo! Nice rig....turned out well.

Hey Sadie,

You know where she got that idea for lip stick loop. That has been a real item for you Carolina Belles for many years. Heck I am thinking of having me a loop for chap stick, maybe I can start a fad. ha. Thanks for idea and all your input for Sassy..


Sassy was not feeling well yesterday so did not make it to Bar-3 for trail run of new gear but I tried out the belt on a couple of stages. I am now even more sold on the style and the elastic. Time will tell how long elastic holds up however I bet whoever the leather craftsman is ( as in ours, Doc Noper) new replacement elastic could be had if needed on down the road.



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