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Winter Range Rentals----Need help with mobility

Rootin Tootin

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As a SASS member since 1998 I've always wanted to attend Winter Range.....As luck would have it I'll be near WR Thursday and Friday of the shooting week and want to visit the action. I will be traveling with my wife and brother who both recently had knee operations and can't walk and/or stand for a day long event.


Will there be any golf cart rentals available so I can get around to all the venues with these folks with the limited mobility......


Any suggestion will be appreciated.......Regards..........Rootin Tootin SASS 21707

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I used to be a medical social worker, and when mobility is an issue, some folks find it a good idea to rent something that helps for a while, like a wheelchair, or even an electric three-wheeler, from a local medical supply store.


For this limited application, it could be helpful to rent a wheelchair (has the large wheels, better for dirt ground), or a companion chair (small wheels, not as good for dirt paths), as the wheelchair can collapse and be put in the trunk or somewhere, depending on the size of your car. Other things can be had if appropriate, sssuch as crutches or a walker.



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