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!873 rifle bolt

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I ordered a spare bolt for my 73, cal 357, after reading about some of the issues folks have had with the lower tab breaking. The bolt I received is part #220097-73/kit. from VTI


It doesn't look at all like the bolt currently in my rifle. The bolt in my rifle is polished where this one is black and the lower tab on the new one is much smaller............


Thanks for the help..................RT



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It will work if you install a new firing pin extension and you have the front toggle connection pin and the bolt-to-FPE key AND you install it having the headspace and timing checked when you do. Might as well get a new extractor and pin to put in it, too.


And, unfortunately, unless you find new-old-stock part that someone has tucked away, you don't find old style bolts that are new. Most folks don't go to the expense of having the new style bolt fitted, as it is MORE likely to break the lower tab. They have the old bolt fixed by welding or pinning or soldering in a new cartridge tab. Then headspace, timing, etc stay the same.


Good luck, GJ

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