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"But what can "I" do?"

Subdeacon Joe

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I'm glad you asked.

With the recent knife and car violence in Isla Vista, CA, I suspect that whatever your local paper is has stories about it. And likely your local TV stations have run made it headline news. I would bet that all of them have a presence on Facebook. Go to their Facebook pages, find the stories, find the comments demanding yet more anti-civil rights laws and leave your own comments on those comments.


Point out that California has everything that the antis dream about short of an outright ban - background checks, waiting periods, magazine capacity limits, one-handgun-a-month laws, effectively a ban on carry by anyone other than big time political contributors (at least in coastal and urban CA), tests, card required to get a handgun, requirements for trigger locks or safes, its own AWB. Everything they dream of. But all that didn't prevent the atrocity from happening.

There was one comment on a TV stations FB page "Where were all the good guys with guns the NRA talks about?" So I pointed out that, gee, in CA the capons in Sacramento have made it pretty much impossible for your average, honest citizen to carry. Besides, we are told over and over that no one needs a gun, we have police that will prevent things like this, so where were the police? No that isn't a slam at LEOs, just pointing out that one of the usual lines by the antis doesn't hold up either. And, further that we have all these wonderful laws on the books to keep guns out of the hands of thugs, laws that we were promised would work, so why didn't these miracle laws prevent this incident?

Be polite, sarcastic if you must, but you can do that and still sound polite. Be clear. Don't use profanity. Don't resort to cliche' (cold dead hands, judged by 12 rather than carried by 6, etc.). Have your court decisions and quotes from the founders ready to use if and as needed.

You won't convince the hard core anti. But that isn't what you are after since they really only make up a small part of our opposition. You are there trying to counter the usual lies and distortions, and present in a compelling way, that our civil rights trump feelings, and that firearms in the hands of honest citizens are a net good for society.

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Well said


Thank you, sir. I realize what I left out.


We need to convince the fence sitters, the ones who have no strong opinion one way or the other, that 99 7/8% of gun owners are no threat to society at large. And that it doesn't square with the traditions of our republic to strip them of civil rights because of the actions of that 1/8 of 1% who make an improper use of their rights.

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