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Doc Faraday, SASS #5749

Sold: Stainless Ruger Old Army 5 1/2" Converted not Factory

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This is not a factory 5 1/2" but a 7 1/2" that has been converted to a 5 1/2". Long before Ruger realized the marketing potential of a 5 1/2" model, several competent gunsmiths were converting 7 1/2" to 5 1/2". In many ways they are better than factory. Ruger changed the dies for the frame when they made the factory 5 1/2". They changed the hammer and the slot where the nose of the hammer travels through the receiver to strike the cap. A lot of people have problems with rubbing and binding of the hammer nose. The original 7 1/2" frame did not have the problem to this extent. In addition to being converted to a 5 1/2", this ROA has been tuned and the hammer nose thinned to 1) increase striking force on the nipple, decreasing clicks instead of bangs and 2) prevent any touching of the hammer nose to the frame. The frame has been fitted with white polymer Gunfighter Grips from Eagle Grips.


TO my knowledge, this ROA has never been fired. IT was unfired when it was sent to the gunsmith and I haven't fired it since its return. I have the original plastic box with the cardboard outer box with manual.


Asking $1,100 shipped.









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Missed out on the last one, I'll take this one. I guess I will be selling by blued 5 1/2 since I have a pair of stainless now.

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