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  1. Thanks, that's interesting. They almost look like Japanese letters, but I would accept cyrillic.
  2. The 303 is mixed. Some WW-Super, Some Imperial, Some RP and some that is marked with what looks like NNY.
  3. Peter Bromley makes custom knives. Was located in Spokane , Wa, but now I think he works out of Arizona. Anyway, I have an 8" Bowie knife for sale with two sheaths. Asking $200 plus $25 shipping. Only worn as decoration on gun belt, never really used. https://www.arizonacustomknives.com/knives-by-maker/bromley-peter.html
  4. Going through my reloading stuff and I found a bunch of brass I no longer have firearms for. All prices include shipping . PayPal preferred 22-250 - 264 pieces unfired $100 38-55 - 86 pieces once fired $50 SPF 250 Savage - 215 pieces once fired $85 M1- Carbine - 87 pieces once fired $40 SPF British 303 - 102 pieces once fired $45 220 Swift - 274 pieces once fired $100 Thanks for looking, Doc Faraday
  5. Dickwholliday,


    The SASSWire Guidelines state that you may not sell for someone else.  I know that you are doing it fort a good cause, but them's the rules.





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