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  1. Get with Lassiter. He made one for mine. If you search the forums for his contact information, it will come up. He is not much for email or messaging. Toms Single Action Shop in Ohio
  2. SPF Since COVID hit, I have not shot any cowboy matches. I will probably be selling some of my items to finance a Palma rifle for high power range rifle shooting. If I start shooting cowboy again, I have a Carty Marlin I can always use. Not really interested in any trades unless you have a really good 223 Palma gun. This is probably the ultimate match rifle for todays game. It was originally a 24 inch Miroku rifle that I got off of Chili Pepper Pete. Before I got it, he sent it to Carty for his classic action job. Pete said that he only fired it in about 4 matches. I got
  3. Does anybody have a phone number for Widdermaker. I tried to send him a PM, but his inbox is full and cannot take any more messages.
  4. I have a Buscadero style belt for 5 1/2 colts and clones with a crossdraw holster and 38 loops.

    I will sell it to you for $75 shipped. If interested I will send you pics.

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